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Bunkermuseum Antwerp

In the Antwerp Park Den Brandt during WW2 the headquarters of the German 89th Army Corps was established, responsible for defending the Atlantikwall in Belgium and Walcheren. At the moment these listed monuments serve as a museum which besides the Atlantikwall also covers the air war over Belgium and especially the V-weapons on Antwerp.
The NPO Bunker & Airplane Archeo Antwerp invites you to come and explore up to 3 different bunkers during our monthly opening, special events or guided tours on request.

Opening dates / Entrance fees

Interested in helping out?

We are always looking for driven volunteers that want to assist us maintain the bunker village. This ranges from maintaining the bunkers to restoring them and equipment, researching or helping out at opening weekends. Let us know at antwerpsbunkermuseum@proximus.be!


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The event “Living museum: History comes to life in Park Den Brandt”, in cooperation with the NPO Frontleven ’40...

Bunkerday 2017 - First Belgian edition

Since 2014 an annual “Bunkerday” is organised in the Netherlands on which sites that are normally off limits are...

Report on local television ATV.

PROGRAM: Belgium, early June 1944. German soldiers are stationed along the entire coast and its Atlantic Wall. A rifle...

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